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     Last summer, the "Hope for Us" association organised two training sessions on the topic of "Green Social Entrepreneurship." A total of 20 young people from across the country gathered to discuss social and environmental challenges and to develop green social business ideas aimed at addressing these issues.



      The training sessions were productive and innovative, with participants developing various interesting business concepts.

     One of the ideas was related to the production of environmentally sustainable clothing with shevitzi using Bulgarian textiles.

     This project not only supports the Bulgarian textile industry and preserves our cultural heritage but also provides job opportunities for retired women.

     Another intriguing idea involved creating a camping site in an animal sanctuary with a garden and workshops for handmade crafts.

    Yet another innovative concept was the organisation of nature camps for children with autism.

     These camps not only provide specialised care and support but also create opportunities for the development of social skills and connections in a natural environment. 

     The training sessions not only expanded the knowledge and skills of the participants but also empowered them with the clarity, motivation, and inspiration to make a difference. The initiatives of the association aim to activate young people by reminding them that we need to be the change that we want to see in the world.

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