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The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. 

                                                             Rabindranath Tagore

Our Activities


– Our main goal is to achieve long lasting positive impact on a larger number of young people, who will develop their competences and integrate in their personal and professional life the ideas of sustainable, harmonious with the environment lifestyle and will multiply the effect of our training by spreading it in their own countries and communities. Our strategy to achieve our long-term goal is to provide a high quality non-formal training that will support participants to develop personal, social and professional competences and foster active citizenship, participation and engagement in the resolution of significant social and environmental problems.


Еducational eco-hub Amorea

     Due to the gap between the educational system and the business from one side and the educational system and the real needs of young people from another, few years ago the organization started developing the concept of a educational eco-hub in the nature which will provide proper training and training environment for the youth. Two years ago the informal group living in the eco-community in Bunovo village joined the organization

-Educational Eco-Center „Amorea“ is located in the eco-community of Bunovo village.

     We work for the future generations with the future generations, we strive to build a true value system, to pass on knowledge and skills that we are not taught in school, but are really important in life, to help young people on their path of personal and proffessionl development, to find themselves and have a clear vision of who they want to be and how to achieve it sustainably, in harmony with nature and the world around them.

     In our non-formal trainings we use modern pedagogical approaches, we conduct them in nature, in a multicultural environment. Our training is based on the model of "learning by doing", which enables participants to permanently acquire and integrate new knowledge and skills. The aim of our activities is to develop the creative potential of the participants, as well as their confidence that they can and know how to realize their ideas.


     The activities that we include in the program are fully designed according to the needs of our participants and aim to develop certain qualities, knowledge and skills, which we can mainly divide into the following areas :

 Ø Personal skills - self-confidence, respect, love and self-care, independence, perseverance, concentration and focus, clear vision, creativity, the ability to be ourselves, to know our strengths and talents, to develop adaptivity and solution-oriented mind

Ø Social skills - teamwork, knowledge of society and the ability to adapt to the social environment, skills of communication and presentation, skills of listening, understanding, empathy, etc .;

Ø The ability to take responsibility - awareness of the consequences of our decisions and actions or inaction and indecision;

Ø Work skills - the ability to work and work with their hands, to create and be creative, to build with natural materials, to take care of permaculture gardens, to cook, to preserve food, to use various tools, etc. .

Ø Art skills - skills in various fields of art - such as music, theater, painting, landart, etc.


Ø Skills for interaction with institutions - knowledge of the structure and organization of institutions and how to interact effectively with them;

Ø Entrepreneurial skills - the ability to be creative, to create conditions for the implementation of business ideas, as well as the ability to bring their ideas to fruition;

Ø Healthy lifestyle - healthy diet, exercise, stress management, etc .;

Ø Skills for sustainable development - how to live and develop sustainably without causing harm to nature and the future generations;

Ø Multicultural education - participants learn to be tolerant, to understand and interact successfully with representatives of other cultures.

We live and develop sustainably, in harmony with nature and the world around us. This approach considers everything as elements of one whole and ensures the development of the system as a whole, and not only of its individual elements on the back of others.


In September 2018, our team launched the project "Social Enterprise for Biocosmetics“ funded by OP Human Resources Development 2014 - 2020 BG05M9OP001-2.010 "Development of Social Entrepreneurship"

The Social Enterprise for Organic Cosmetics provides a supportive work environment for work and social integration by hiring a training and coaching team that helps unemployed young people growing up in institutions at risk of social exclusion to acquire work and social habits, develop positive self-esteem and to overcome their psycho-emotional deficits.

For more information, visit the official website at :

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